“you always hurt the one you love,
the one you shouldn’t hurt at all.
you always take the sweetest rose,
and crush it until the petals fall.
you always break the kindest heart,
with a hasty word you can’t recall.
and, if i broke your heart last night,
it’s because i love you most of all.”
the mills brothers, you always hurt the one you love (via starseas)
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“if you want to kill yourself, kill what you don’t like. i had an old self that i killed. you can kill yourself too, but that doesn’t mean you got to stop living.”
vargus (via ugh)
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Scott Hazard

Photo Constructs

Scott Hazard tears and layers photographs to create these beautiful wormholes into other worlds.

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Hey there Archie…


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Diana Thater

Untitled (Kelly)

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in the quivering forest by S. Shorey on Flickr.

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“Forget stardust—you are iron. Your blood is nothing but ferrous liquid. When you bleed, you reek of rust. It is iron that fills your heart and sits in your veins. And what is iron, really, unless it’s forged?

You are iron.

And you are strong.”
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